It’s BIGGER than beer.

It’s October 22, 2020. I log into Facebook like I do every morning and I check out all the craft beer groups. I usually lurk because I don’t see anything new or engaging. Raise your hand if you’re as tired of reading about everyone’s new IPA release as I am. Today was different. Its #thirstythursdayContinue reading “It’s BIGGER than beer.”

5 Ways to Build Diversity in Craft Beer

Before getting into craft beer sales, I managed a bar. I spent a great deal of time probing every beer rep for more details about the beers they would bring in for a tasting. I got so into it, I stopped having them come to me and I started visiting their taprooms instead. More oftenContinue reading “5 Ways to Build Diversity in Craft Beer”

3 [Black] Craft Beer Buyer Personas Every Brewery Needs to Know About

Do you know who’s buying your beer? Sure it’s a beer drinker, but which one? Is it Noub Ianqueen? Dex T. Rose? Or maybe it’s Conrad “Connie” Seur? I should probably tell you these aren’t “real” people – not in a traditional sense. They are what’s called buyer personas I’ve created to represent 3 uniqueContinue reading “3 [Black] Craft Beer Buyer Personas Every Brewery Needs to Know About”