3 [Black] Craft Beer Buyer Personas Every Brewery Needs to Know About

Do you know who’s buying your beer? Sure it’s a beer drinker, but which one? Is it Noub Ianqueen? Dex T. Rose? Or maybe it’s Conrad “Connie” Seur? I should probably tell you these aren’t “real” people – not in a traditional sense. They are what’s called buyer personas I’ve created to represent 3 unique beer buyer types: the novice, the explorer, and the connoisseur. Each has a different relationship with craft beer. Get to know their relationship with beer and you have the opportunity to get to know them as well. Chances are, you’ve seen or spoken to each of these buyers already. For those that haven’t, allow me to introduce you. 

“Noub Ianqueen” @wheewheee
  1. Noub Ianqueen She is unapologetically Afrocentric. She pulled into the parking lot bopping to “Where My Girls At?” by 702. She’s here for a beer that’s better than average. Her beer is an accessory, designed to match her social exchange. That beer could easily be a cocktail, a glass of wine, or a cider depending on what her friends are having. Taste plays a smaller role in her beer experience than it does for other buyers. Most of the beers she drinks are recommendations from friends. Keep in mind, beer is not life for Noub. Happy Hour Specials and economic price points are a huge consideration in the decision-making process. When Noub approaches the bar she is attracted to your labels, logo, and the name of each beer. Your descriptions do not impress. She’ll likely ask your bartender “What do you have that’s close to [insert macro brand here].” She’s a tourist in this craft beer world, one open to the guidance of her friends and family that have been here before.
Anthony "Sizzle" Perry
“Dex T. Rose” Me, Anthony “Sizzle” Perry
  1. Dex T. Rose My man Dex is a bit of a nerd, but he’s as cool as polar bear toes. There’s a case of home-brewed beer in his basement that he made with his pals in the garage. He roams the craft beer landscape as though there are no boundaries and every inch of it is meant to be explored. He’s cataloging and rating his beer on Untappd along the way. No singular brewery is home- beer is. It’s likely that Dex made his way to you for a beer run, to see a live show, or brewery tour to impress his date with his knowledge of beer. Not committed to any particular style, he’ll likely order a flight so that he can experience something new. Quoted several times saying “Do it for the story” and “Let’s get weird”, Dex is known as a thrill seeker in social and professional circles. Open to your suggested food pairing if you offer a full menu. He may be zealous to reveal his knowledge to that date he brought in, but he would much rather you teach them both something new.
  1. Conrad “Connie’ Seur If Connie had a tagline it would read: “I ain’t new to this. I’m true to this.” He’s been into craft beer for many years and will gladly share with you amazing stories about Black history as it pertains to beer and the community. He’s basically a black beer griot. He’s been married for decades. Don’t tell his wife this, but he has a completely separate line in the budget just for beer. He’s also got a cellar to house his rare finds, an affinity for a good cigar, and he is within six degrees of separation from every brewmaster in the city.  Connie is here for the beer. He only visits breweries that boast brewers he knows and admires. It is not by chance or accident that Connie is at your bar. He came for something specific. He’s got his go-to beers in the fridge at home. Your Czech Pils may be amazing and he will likely drink one, but what he came for was your limited release. Your seasonal run. Your specialty draft. Hunting amazing beers is his hobby. When Connie talks about beer, he talks about brewing methods, personal preferences, and the historical significance of its particular style. With or without company, Connie will enjoy the beer. 

I created each of these personas to make sure the Ohio beers I’ve grown to love, all make it to the friends and family that I love to drink beer with.

Check out Coffee Brown from Mt Carmel; Tannenbaum Christmas Ale from Homestead; and Fox in the Stout from Seventh Son to explore a few.

How to use this guide best: Click each persona to get to know them better. You can just as easily create your own buyer personas free through Xtensio. Maybe you’re busy making great beer and would like me to create these personas for you? Just shoot a message to sizzle@aminamarketingmedia.com and I will gladly help you reach a new audience as well. 

Make diversity a priority and a more diverse community will make you a priority as well. We know you can #CraftBeer. Now is the time to #CrafttheCulture

Live Wild. Drink Responsibly. 

Sizzle – @sippinwitsizzle

If you missed it, I’m a Co Founder and CEO of a brewery that is founded for the “only people” in the craft beer world. Crafted Culture Brewing Company.

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